August 16, 2018 Monthly Dinner Information

ARW will host Nevada Republican Congressional Candidates on August 16, 2018.

ARW Callender of events 2018
ARW Las Vegas Boutique

Don’t forget to visit the ARW Las Vegas Boutique. It is open at our Red Rock Country Club monthly dinner meetings, 3rd Thursday of the month, excluding holidays and special events.


ARW will have a BINGO event in November at Desert Shores. Light snacks, Beer, Wine, a special cocktail, prizes and fun.

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WELCOME TO ARW of Las vegas

We are Active  Republican Woman of Las Vegas (ARW), founded in 1970. Our club is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through our site, you’ll be able to read about our well established history as a club, and find useful information about events and meetings.  We are the only Republican women’s club in Las Vegas that meets in the evening.  We pride ourselves on our working members – each contributing honorably in making our club the effective club it is today.

(The club meets the third Thursday of each month, with the exception of Holidays and special events)

Chartered by the Nevada Federation of Republican Women (NvFRW)

We are also a member of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)

The NFRW has various Pins available for purchase.

Please follow the link if interested.