NV Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske

Scott Hammond

State Senator Scott Hammond- District 18 

Co-Minority Whip


Current Las Vegas City Council Woman- Ward 6 and Former Assembly Woman
Michele Fiore –
District 4- 2012- 2016


 Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 4

Stavros Anthony


Former Assemblywomen
Victoria Seaman – District 34

2015 is shaping up to be a historic year for Republicans and for the Silver State we love, Nevada. With Republican majorities in both the State Senate and Assembly, with a Republican Governor and a Republican sweep of the state’s Constitutional Offices, 2015 certainly will be a standout in Nevada’s historical records.

A victory like the one we experienced last November didn’t just happen by chance. Our candidates worked very hard getting their message out and building constituent support. It seemed a day didn’t go by without a press release made by our county political director calling out questionable comments made by opposing candidates or breach of election rules – like district residency requirements! And, of course what would an election be without volunteer boots on the ground? Many of those volunteers were members of ARW and our sister Nevada Federation Republican Women’s Clubs. Well done all!

Active Republican Women of Las Vegas has always been dedicated to ensuring club deeds line up with the name, Active. As we head into a new year with new challenges, it will be important for us to stay informed, volunteer for our Las Vegas City and Henderson candidates and raise money for our slate of 2016 Candidates.

The joyous reality of the “red sweep” began sinking in when our Constitutional Officers, all Republican, were sworn into office on January 5th. We had the privilege of witnessing State Senator Barbara Cegavske, a member of ARW since 1996, be sworn in as Nevada’s Secretary of State.

Then on February 2nd, Nevada’s 78th Legislative Session kicked off with the swearing-in of our legislators and the unanimous election of longtime ARW member (2002) John Hambrick of District 2, as Speaker of the Nevada Assembly.

ARW is honored to have three more members serving in the Nevada Assembly. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of District 4 was sworn in to serve her second term for the Nevada Assembly. Victoria Seaman of District 34 and Glenn Trowbridge of District 37 were both sworn into their first-term in the Assembly. We hope there will be many more!

Please join me in congratulating our members for their service to Nevada. We wish them much success this Legislative Session. It is our sincere hope that their commitment to serving will result in better governance for all Nevadans.

For those of you interested in viewing real time committee meetings in the comfort of your home, go to: www. – Look at left menu and click onto “Assembly”. Find a committee meeting of interest, click onto “VIEW”.

(Author Maureen Karas has served as Past Vice President for Clark County Republican Party and Past President for Active Republican Women of Las Vegas.)